Helping you have an empowered birth without fear!

Your birth, your way!

My only agenda is getting you the birth you want!

Based on your needs, I will strike the perfect balance between education and coaching. As a labor nurse and mindset coach, I have a unique skillset that allows me to customize your birth to you!

There isn't a right way to birth your baby.

There is only YOUR way.

And we will define what that means for you and create a plan for you to achieve it!

With over a decade of experience as a nurse supporting birthing parents and newborns, I have borne witness to countless births; some where families felt empowered and elated, and some where families felt out of control and scared.

As a mother who has undergone two hospital births, I intimately understand the spectrum of experiences. My first birth was fraught with trauma due to insufficient preparation, and despite similar interventions, my second birth left me feeling empowered and fully integrated into the medical team. It's this sense of empowerment and partnership that I aim to impart to you as you embark on your own journey into the delivery room.

I came to realize that the pivotal factor between my two births was my mindset. Through intentional preparation, I learned when to advocate for myself and when to surrender to the process. My mission as your birth coach is to equip you with the same emotional resilience and flexibility to experience the birth you want and the empowered and elated feelings you deserve!

Whether you're grappling with medical complexities or simply seeking comprehensive understanding and enlightenment to navigate the unpredictable landscape of childbirth, I am here to support you every step of the way.

XO - Kelly

Hi there future birthgiver!

Are you ready to have a confident, informed, powerful birth experience?

Picture a birth where you feel supported, respected, and empowered.

You feel fully prepared because you have visualized countless scenarios and you have the knowledge and flexibility to make an informed decision at a moment's notice.

How is that even possible you ask?

Simple! My job is to learn all about you, meet you where you're at, and make you the confident leader of your birth team.

I will do this by:

1) Arming you with an understanding of common birth scenarios

2) Helping you identify what's most important to you

3) Coaching you on how to emotionally process the common events of a hospital birth

Imagine entering the birthing space with such a sense of calm and confidence that no matter the twists and turns of your birth journey, you are informed and emotionally prepared to bring your baby into the world!

"After my birth I felt like there was something wrong with me... like I wasn't emotionally strong enough to handle the birth experience. I was sure I would never have another child because of the trauma I felt. It wasn't until Kelly explained to me that the events that I had experienced in my birth were a true emergency, explained the procedures, and validated my experience that I was able to begin to heal from the trauma."

-Jen B.

Who is my birth coaching program for?

First time parents who want guidance in their birth experience.

Parents who have experienced a previous hospital birth that didn't go as expected, and need help processing the previous experience and working towards a positive future birth.

Parents who have experienced birth in a setting other than the hospital, and would like to prepare for the new experience.

Parents who have experienced a hospital birth that went just fine, but would love the support of a labor and delivery nurse and a certified mindset coach to make it the best experience possible!

What's the investment?

There are 2 easy ways to get inside my birth coaching program...

The only PRIVATE birth coaching program tailored to your specific needs with a certified mindset and life coach who also happens to be a childbirth educator, and a nurse specialized in maternal-fetal medicine, antepartum, labor & delivery, postpartum, and nursery.

Paid in full (best value!)

8 sessions for $750


Empowered Birth Workbook

Goal Setting

Birth Plan Guidance

Coping & Labor Progression Techniques

Communicating with your medical team

Up to 60 minutes a week of text support in between calls

Optional Sessions

Childbirth Education, Birth Vision Board, Guided Imagery, Finding a Doula, Post-Birth Debrief, Postpartum Support

2 payments of $400

Includes everything above. 2 monthly payments of $400.

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